Successful projects around the world

Across the world, over 100 projects feature our water-scrubbing upgrading systems in the USA, Canada, Japan, UK, France, Germany, Finland and Spain systems are installed, giving reliable, proven performance and high availability. We understand the significance of the parameters and characteristics unique to each biogas upgrading project

  • Location and climate
  • Environmental and planning matters
  • Feedstock types and volumes
  • Anticipated gas throughput
  • Necessary ancillary equipment including monitoring
  • Local gas network infrastructure – network entry agreements

The selection of case studies below gives a brief indication of the variety of projects successfully operating.

Case studies


Upgrading biogas derived from food waste

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Couper Angus

Upgrading biogas derived from agricultural waste

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Upgrading biogas derived from residual household waste

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“We are proud of our food waste processing site at Widnes and the Greenlane upgrading system within it. We are looking forward to achieving the same success with our Dagenham project.”

Philip Simpson
Commercial Director, ReFood