Burnaby, BC – Greenlane Biogas, the world’s largest biogas upgrading company, has launched its new, high-capacity ‘Kauri’ biogas upgrading system to provide a cost-effective solution for large scale biogas projects.

Burnaby, BC – Greenlane Biogas has been contracted by Filtrum Construction, a Quebec-based water and wastewater treatment infrastructure construction specialist, to supply two ‘Totara’ biogas upgrading systems and additional equipment to upgrade the biomethanization plant located at the City of St. Hyacinthe’s wastewater treatment plant.

A biogas upgrading system to be supplied and installed by Greenlane Biogas will produce 6.9 million cubic metres of biomethane annually for injection into the local gas grid in the Lingewaard municipality, near Arnhem in the eastern Netherlands.

Manufacturer of biogas-to-biomethane upgrading plant, Greenlane Biogas is celebrating the commencement of supply of its 100th system for a site in the UK. The company, a member of Pressure Technologies plc, is the world’s largest manufacturer of such systems, with sites operating around the world in more than 20 countries.

Burnaby, BC – Greenlane Biogas, the world’s largest biogas upgrading company, has expanded its sales presence with an office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to deliver enhanced service levels in the US market.

Greenlane Biogas has received a multi-million pound contract from ReFood Ltd, part of the SARIA Group, to supply and install a ‘Totara’ biogas-to-biomethane upgrading plant at a new food waste processing site under development in Dagenham, Essex, UK.

Burnaby, BC – Greenlane Biogas has signed a distribution agreement with Sysadvance, a Portuguese company specializing in advanced gas separation systems that utilize pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology.

Burnaby, BC – Greenlane Biogas has signed a contract with Promus Energy, a project development company focusing on renewable and sustainable technologies, to provide an integrated biogas upgrading solution for a dairy farm located in Yakima County, Washington.

Burnaby, BC – Greenlane Biogas has received a contract to provide engineering services to CR&R Waste & Recycling for their biogas to renewable natural gas (RNG) project in Perris, California.

Burnaby, BC – Greenlane Biogas has received an order for a ‘Rimu’ biogas upgrading plant from Sifang Leo Livestock Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (SF LEO), a leading dairy farm engineering company and manufacturer of high-tech livestock equipment and farm machinery in China.

Burnaby, BC – Greenlane Biogas has partnered with China Agricultural University (CAU) to install a biogas upgrading system to facilitate research in the generation of renewable natural gas (RNG). The top academic institution in China for agricultural studies, CAU will use Greenlane’s water scrubbing based biogas upgrading solution to test and optimize biogas yields of various agricultural organic wastes generated from a variety of anaerobic digesters.

Burnaby, BC – A biogas upgrading system, developed and supplied by Greenlane Biogas, to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) from organic waste at Seabreeze Farm in Delta, BC will be inaugurated this Saturday, January, 31, 2015 from noon to 4:30 pm as part of the 2015 Agri-energy and Waste Management Forum.

Burnaby, BC – Greenlane Biogas has received a US$2.3 M contract from Longneng Weiye Environment and Technology Holdings, a Chinese company specializing in the recycling of agricultural and municipal solid waste into renewable energy, for the purchase of two ‘Rimu’ biogas upgrading systems.