Heat Transfer Equipment & Heat Exchanges – Greenlane Kallt Heat Exchange

Greenlane are world-class designers and manufacturers of heat transfer equipment. Greenlane Heat Transfer solutions feature robust industrial strength construction and efficient designs, which optimise available environmental resources and cost. Greenlane have developed in-house heat transfer software for specific applications and in addition, use proprietary heat transfer design packages including Aspentech BJAC.

Our expertise includes heat exchangers for: extreme pressure gases; oil field / refinery and gas processing equipment; barometric surface condensers; calorifiers; boiler feed water heaters; air, gas compressor inter and after-coolers; carbon dioxide condensers; kettle re-boilers and evaporators; sub-coolers and superheaters; hydraulic and lubrication oil coolers; generator stator and bearing coolers and transformer coolers for electric utilities.

The capacity range built to date includes sizes from small hydraulic oil coolers weighing a few kilograms to multi-MW class vacuum steam condensers for combined cycle power plants – of 300 tonnes or more.