A green and profitable solution to waste
The world’s largest biogas upgrader supplier, with over 100 plants built worldwide
Supplying all three primary technologies
As the only company to offer the three primary biogas upgrading technologies we are in a unique position to offer you the best solution for your upgrading needs
Locations in America, Europe & Asia
With offices in North America, Europe & Asia, our experience of providing profitable & green solutions, on a global scale, is unrivalled

A Green & Profitable Solution to Waste

As the world’s largest biogas upgrader supplier, we provide our clients with the opportunity to profit from the waste they generate, whilst also reducing harmful emissions. All at the same time!

Why Choose Biogas?

  • Biogas is an environmentally friendly method of turning waste, into renewable fuels
  • Turning waste into renewable energy can provide you with a substantial secondary income
  • It can also increase your green credentials in an increasingly green age
  • Even your distribution fleet can be powered by your own green fuel

Why choose Greenlane?

  • Greenlane Biogas is the largest biogas upgrader supplier in the world, with over 100 plants built worldwide
  • With locations in Europe, North America & Asia, our global experience of turning waste into profit, is unrivalled
  • We offer the key methods and technologies required to meet the exact needs of your project
  • Our full EPC packages ensure you work with one primary contractor


A number of sugar refining sites across Brazil & Europe are already seeing the benefits of biogas to grid injection using the Greenlane system


Supplying all three primary technologies

Upgrading projects can vary enormously in size and complexity, from the purity of the end gas required and the feedstock to the anaerobic digester (AD). It is therefore critical to the ongoing performance and quality of the gas that the most appropriate upgrading technology is used. As the only company to offer the three primary biogas upgrading technologies we are in a unique position to offer you the best solution: whatever your upgrading needs. We can design a system using either one or all three technologies that will be totally tailored to your needs.


Engineering, Procurement & Construction

With 30 years of experience and over 100 installed upgraders we have an unrivalled wealth and depth of experience, knowledge and partners and one of the few companies able to offer a full primary contractor package – Engineering, Procurement and Construction – EPC.


Maximum Efficiency

Installation and commissioning is just the beginning, ensuring the smooth running of the plant is essential to its economics especially when upgrading biogas for feed into the grid.
Our aim is to keep your equipment working smoothly with maximum efficiency and availability, remaining productive for its whole planned lifespan and enabling the low operating costs for which our systems are renowned.

Our aftercare is an industry-leading package:

  • The best possible response times
  • Emergency operations and unscheduled maintenance
  • System availability is typically be around 95%
  • On-site servicing
  • Spare parts
  • Total peace of mind


Utilise our Network of Finance Providers

In addition we work with a number of finance providers and could help you source funding for your upgrading project.



Over 100 Instillations

Upgrading biogas is a relatively simple and well proven technology but ensuring the smooth running of the day to day process requires a practical knowledge base that we have earned over our 100 installations.

What can cause problems?

Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are an unavoidable part of the anaerobic digestion process (AD). They are formed in the digesters along with the main biogas elements, carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) but can cause serious difficulties for most upgraders.  

However, our unique gas compression technology ensures that gas production can continue, even during H2S spikes, which can knock the equipment off-line. Where gas is fed directly into the grid, down time is lost revenue and reduced profitability of the site. It also allows peace of mind when leaving equipment unmanned.


Water waste

Greenlane's water wash biogas upgrading technology is a perfect technology fit for the waste water treatment industry, our reference list proves it


Brewing & distilling

Join the growing number of industry leaders from the distilling sector who are generating considerable revenue streams from biogas production as well as boosting their green credentials

Technology options

As the only company to offer the three primary biogas upgrading technologies we are in a unique position to offer you the best solution, whatever your upgrading needs

Water Wash

The most cost efficient and environmentally friendly process

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The best solution for complex feedstock

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The latest generation of membrane technology

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Food manufacturing

Food waste can generate healthy financial returns from biogas generation as opposed to landfill or animal feed. Repeat orders from Europe’s largest food waste to biogas company demonstrates the returns in this sector are more than viable

Successful projects around the world

Across the world, over 100 projects feature our water-scrubbing upgrading systems in the USA, Canada, Japan, UK, France, Germany, Finland and Spain systems are installed, giving reliable, proven performance and high availability. We understand the significance of the parameters and characteristics unique to each biogas upgrading project

  • Location and climate
  • Environmental and planning matters
  • Feedstock types and volumes
  • Anticipated gas throughput
  • Necessary ancillary equipment including monitoring
  • Local gas network infrastructure – network entry - agreements

Visit our case studies page for more information

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Agriculture & farming

Our easy to use solutions make upgrading biogas accessible to any farm based projects where the return on investment can be faster than you think